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Heroic Armor of the Italian Rennaisance: Filipo Negroli and his Contemporaries.

     By Stuart W. Pyhrr and José-A. Godoy. New York, NY: New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Bookstore [1000 5th Ave., 10028. (212) 535-7710]. Hardbound. 358 Pp. $65.

     Heroic Armor of the Italian Rennaisance . . ." is a catalog from the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art featuring an exhibit of 16th Century grotesque armor.

      Grotesque armor is a parade armor of kings and royalty depicting sea monsters, human forms, mermaids, foilage, lions and other animals. The book has many excellent photographs from different angles.

      The armor looks as it if was cast but was actually high-relief embossed from one piece of steel. The book is 358 pages with the history and documents of the 16th century Milanese armor trade and also has text on the materials and construction of the armor.

      The book is an in depth account of the most beautiful armor in the world and would be worth the price if it had only photographs. Even if you have no interest in armor an artist of any medium will be impressed with the workmanship of the pieces contained in the book.


Reviewed by Frank Jackson

Clovis, California

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