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The Artist-Blacksmith's Craft
Julius Schramm

When one knows who Julius Schramm was, one will deeply appreciate this book, which includes Schramm's essay on the craft and his autobiography. He was in love with learning and could not get enough of it in his lifetime. He was rich in knowledge and experience, cultured and dedicated to the art. Schramm reveals his integrity and his intimate relationship with the iron. He describes his journey with respect and appreciation for every opportunity to learn. Autobiographies of gifted individuals can inspire those who dream and yearn. This particular edition is a culmination of effort by Francis Whitaker, who had the fortune to work under this master and who had the foresight to bring Schramm's words to the English-speaking world. Whitaker arranged for Robert Ruhloff to produce the translation, which is elegant. And publisher Jack Andrews superbly preserves the style of the two original German publications from 1935 and 1941. The result is a masterpiece.

Review by Diana Mead Jordan
"Anvil Magazine", November 1996.

This hard cover book is a single volume of two of Schramn's writings:The Artist-Blacksmith's Craft, 58 pages and My Life as Artist-Blacksmith, 102 pages. Included with this book is a seperate booklet Julius Schramn of 24 pages. Each has numerous pictures and drawings of wrought iron from the workshop of Schramn. SkipJack Press, $29.00

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