I live in the UK and I am a member of the British Artist Blacksmith Association. I work on the occasional commission for decorative wrought iron furniture but mainly as an enjoyable past time. I have been inspired by the information on yours and other American websites. I firstly made a propane forge, this has worked well for over three years.

More recently I have constructed a power hammer using parts from various sources including scrap yards. The hammer is around 50 lbs, has a throat of 9" and seems to work well for the type of use that I need at around 100 strokes per minute. Using a car differential and disc braking you can control the speed and impact to a very fine degree. Having used your site as a reference source I thought that you may be interested in seeing the completed machine. Materials include a differential from a Ford, second hand 1 hp motor, parts from a washing machince total cost was about £75! For more information contact:

Brian Collins

Brian, thanks for sending in your design!

Front View

Side View



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