The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA)
is dedicated to perpetuating the noble art of blacksmithing. A blacksmith is one who shapes and forges iron with hammer and anvil. ABANA encourages and facilitates the training of blacksmiths; disseminates information about sources of material and equipment; exposes the art of blacksmithing to the public; serves as a center of information about blacksmithing for the general public, architects, interior designers, and other interested parties.

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Resources - Video Rentals

The following video VHS and DVD rentals are available for ABANA members. Rentals must be returned by mail after 2 weeks. Check the order form for shipping charges and sales tax requirements.

Video Rental Order Form

Video Rental Library List (printable pdf)

MAIL, PHONE or FAX your order to:

ABANA Library
259 Muddy Fork Road
Jonesborough, TN 37659
Phone: (423) 913-1022
Fax:     (423) 913-1023
Email: ABANA Central Office

Video Rental Availability
Cost Order #VHSDVDTitleVHS On HandDVD On Hand
$10.001X1992 ABANA Gallery Exhibit3
$10.002X1998 ABANA Conference - Al Paley - Free Form Power Hammer Work- two night demonstrations3
$10.003X1998 ABANA Conference - Art Jones - 300 Pound Power Hammer Forging4
$10.005X1998 ABANA Conference - Brad Silberberg - Contemporary Forgework w/ Press & Power Hammer3
$10.006X1998 ABANA Conference - Brad Silberberg - Texturing & Surface Detail3
$10.007X1998 ABANA Conference - Fred Crist - Contemporary Architectural Forgework3
$10.008X1998 ABANA Conference - Hoss Haley - Vessels3
$10.009X1998 ABANA Conference - Jack Klahm - Aluminum Forging by Hand & Power Hammer2
$10.0010X1998 ABANA Conference - Jim Batson - Forging Bowie Knives3
$10.0011X1998 ABANA Conference - Scott Lankton - Forging A Sword - a Sutton Hoo sword3
$10.0012X1998 ABANA Conference - Tal Harris - Contemporary Architectural Ironwork3
$10.0013X1998 ABANA Conference - Mike Boone - Contemporary Imagery & Traditional Joinery2
$10.0014X1998 ABANA Conference - Bob Bergman - Repousse - Large Leaf2
$10.0015X1998 ABANA Conference - Wendel Broussard - Repousse and Tooling - Large Leaf2
$10.0016X1998 ABANA Conference - Uri Hofi - Hand & Power Hammer Forging (set of 3)1
$10.0017XA Traditional Suite - Enrique Vega tips on basic & intermediate forging.3
$10.0018XA Water Powered Smithy - A Slovak smithy uses water driven power hammers.3
$10.0019X"ABANA Comes of Age - Member work at the 1994 exhibition at NOMM in Memphis, TN"3
$20.0020X"Architectural Iron w/ Walt Scadden - Scrolls, collars, bends, railings & gates. (set of 4)"1
$15.0021XX"Basic Blacksmithing, Vol 1 & 2 w/Robb Gunter @ Forgery School of Blacksmithing. (set of 2)"31
$10.0022XBlacksmith Seminar w/ Toby Hickman - 19913
$20.0023XBlacksmith Workshop w/ Toby Hickman (set of 4)2
$10.0024X"Blacksmithing: Old World, New World - Techniques in shoeing a Clydesdale & forge welding a hinge w/Edward Martin"2
$10.0025X"Damascus - Bill Moran - Info to maintain correct fire temp, forge we4lding, and creating different patterns."2
$10.0026XDonald Streeter Interview by Rob Edwards & Helmut Hillenkamp at Streeter's home & shop1
$20.0027X"Doug Hendrickson - Kitchen Iron -making a skillet & handle, cheese slicer, bracket, shovel, chopper & dipper. (set of 4)"2
$10.0028XEdward Martin Demo- Improve your forging efficiency with tips.3
$10.0029X"Elmer Roush - Colonial American Hardware & Fixtures - a demo at FABA in 1996 with nails, ladles, hinges, pintles and thumb latches.(set of 3)"2
$10.0030X"European Festivals - 1989 in Cardiff, Wales and 1986 in Aachen, Germany"3
$10.0031XEuropean Masters - Simon Benetton's forged constructions & Alfred Habermann styles2
$20.0032XForge Welding & Basket Making w/ Dorothy Stiegler 1995 BGOP Spring Fling (set of 2)3
$10.0033XForge Welding w/ Bob Patrick1
$10.0034XForged Elegance - Cyril Colnik - his life from a PBS Special3
$10.0035XForging Damascus Steel at Rhomas Iron Works - for beginners forging dissimilar layered metal.2
$10.0036X"Forging Japanese Carpentry Tools - production of tools,doubled-edged saw, plane blade and chisels."2
$10.0037X"Forging Stone Cutting Tools w/Marshal Abel. Demos forging, grinding, dressing, hardening and tempering."4
$20.0038XHardware w/ Jerry Darnell - at FABA 1994 Conference (set of 4)1
$15.0039XJeff Mohr - Fireplace Equipment at 1995 SRB Conference (set of 2)1
$10.0040XLadish: Meeting the Aerospace Challenge - demo tape on what can be done w/ power.5
$10.0041XLighting w/ Jerry Darnell from 1994 FABA Conference - forging a rush lamp & more.2
$10.0042XMaking A Knife w/ Bill Moran - professionally produced by ABS2
$10.0043XMaster Blacksmith - William Brady - a TV production from his shop in Ohio3
$25.0044XXPower Hammer Forging w/ Clifton Ralph (VHS set of 5) (DVD Set of 2)21
$10.0045XSamuel Yellin's Legacy: The Story of a Metalworking Shop2
$10.0046XShared Traditions - 1980 ABANA Conference: swordmaking with Yoshahara brothers & sculptures from Simon Benetton in Italy2
$10.0047XThe Complete Metalsmith w/ Tim McCreight-visual encyclopedia of basic jewelry making. Demos non-ferrous metalworking3
$10.0048X"The Work of Manfred Bredohl - slide show in video tape @ Vulkanschmeide, Aachen, Germany"3
$10.0049XTom Joyce Demonstration & Lecture @ 1995 CBA Conference3
$15.0050XTreadle Hammer Magic w/Clay Spencer @ BGOP 1995 Spring Fling. (set of 3)3
$10.0051X"Yellin Foundation Memorial Workshop - a gate building project @ Arch Street Shop w/ Jack Andrews, Frederick Crist & Francis Whitaker"3
$10.0052XRocky Mountain Smiths 1990 Francis Whitaker - Portia Room Grille & Bending Angle Iron2
$10.0053XXRocky Mountain Smiths 1992 Francis Whitaker - Seahorse Handle & Miner Candle Holder22
$10.0054X"Rocky Mountain Smiths 1992 Francis Whitaker - 1/2 Lap Joint, Iron Cross, Hinges & Balusters"2
$10.0055XXRocky Mountain Smiths 1993 Francis Whitaker Decorative Twists Tape 121
$10.0056XXRocky Mountain Smiths 1993 Francis Whitaker Decorative Twists Tape 221
$10.0057XRocky Mountain Smiths 1994 Francis Whitaker Dog Head Handle1
$10.0058XRocky Mountain Smiths 1994 Francis Whitaker Steer Head Handle2
$10.0059XXRocky Mountain Smiths 1995 Francis Whitaker Bar Piercing & Quatrefoils & Open Session21
$10.0060XRocky Mountain Smiths 1995 Francis Whitaker 10 am 8-17-95 Closing Session 1 hr 37 min2
$10.0061XRocky Mountain Smiths 1995 Francis Whitaker Seville Slides 32 Min2
$10.0062XX"Rocky Mountain Smiths 1996 Francis Whitaker 8-15-96 8 a.m., Square Pass Thru, Sharp Corner"21
$10.0063XRocky Mountain Smiths 1996 Francis Whitaker 10 a.m. 8-18-96 Stair Railing1
$10.0064XRocky Mountain Smiths 1997 Francis Whitaker 8-14-97 1 p.m. Answers to Problems1
$10.0065XX"Rocky Mountain Smiths 1997 Francis Whitaker 8-16-97 1 p.m. Animal Heads, Forge Welding"21
$10.0066X"Rocky Mountain Smiths 1998 Francis Whitaker8-14-98, Hammer Making, Harding, Wisdom"2
$10.0067X X"Rocky Mountain Smiths 1999 Francis Whitaker Iron Cross, Tips & Advise, Lorna Babcock, Iron Jewelry"21
$10.0068X Francis Whitaker Blacksmith Educational Foundation2
$10.0069XBuilding Conservation International Francis Whitaker Yellin's Shop1
$0.0073X"Blacksmithing with Bob Rupert - for beginners and novice smiths. Make a decorative ""S"" Hook Scroll, and ornamental leaf."3
$10.0074X"The Creation of ""For Willene"" - A Blacksmith Boondoggle in honor of Russell Jaqua, 2006. Mini documentary using the 750 Chambersburg power hammer. "3