Northeast Blacksmiths Association Hammer-In

The  demonstrator for the weekend is Matthew Garton, a blacksmith originally from England currently living and working in Charleston, South Carolina. Matthew currently heads up the blacksmithing program at the American College of the Building Arts and is still very much involved in the blacksmithing work at Robert Thomas Iron Design and his own personal commissions.

When asked about his philosophy Garton said, “Hard work and the desire to learn is what allowed me to propel myself into the world of blacksmithing at a young age. The will to do something you love will always overshadow natural ability in the end. Keeping plugging away especially when it’s not fun is the hallmark of all the great blacksmiths.” 

​In the demo Mathew will show that it is possible to create high quality decorative items with basic tools and using traditional techniques. The project will involve fire welding, hot bending, punching and splitting to produce a hanging basket bracket.

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