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The Anvil’s Ring is ABANA’s primary publication, issued quarterly to members, filled with sixty pages of interesting articles, tips, historical notes, photos of members’ work, supplier ads, book reviews and event information.

If you want the most comprehensive overview on what’s happening in the artist-blacksmithing world or the inspiration to get you out to the forge, this quarterly will take you there.

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Anvil’s Ring Editor – Mark Kochan

I started doing metal work over 50 years ago. In my teens was cutting and welding with an old hand me down torch. I was building motorized bicycles and mini bikes.  A torch was just a tool that I used. I was unaware that blacksmithing was even a job anymore, aside from the poetic references.  What I can share about myself is that I have always enjoyed making things. I made my first axe at 8. Cut out of cardboard, it was for my older sisters boyfriend, he was outdoorsy, I thought he would like it and I have always aimed to please. Drawing came later and again, it was a tool. I have been a working commercial artist/designer for 48 years. In 2008 I retired from the commercial world of producing art and lithography.  I never stopped being an artist. I kicked around a bit, then I started learning about artistic blacksmithing as a second career. Not seriously, but for something to do. After all… I have large and sinewy hands, and my feet are long fellows, I thought I could do this.  The Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is just a 1/4 mile away and they had a Historic Blacksmith Shop, and a training program of sorts. I became engaged. I have been working and teaching blacksmithing in the very same Coloma Shop for the great State of California for the past 12 years.  In 2015 I joined the Board of Directors of the California Blacksmith Association (CBA). I started as a member when I started smithing.  I put in a few years On the CBA Board as Chairman of Education Committee and with friends built a bunch of forges and some tools that were sorely needed for the organization. They are still in regular use today. Then, I spent a few years as President.  When my term as President was nearly up I offered to join the ABANA Board of Directors.  I felt I was able to visualize a higher potential for the future of ABANA, better communication was needed. A recent turn of events, set me on a new course as Editor of The Anvils Ring. It was never a conscious plan to go there, but I must say, it has been an easy transition for me as an Illustrator, designer and metal artist. It is a marriage of all the crafts I love. I like to get things done and stay ahead of the deadlines. I believe I can make a difference as Editor, I will  certainly do my best for the ABANA members.

Mark Paul Kochan

Artist Blacksmith, AR Editor

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Anvil’s Ring Editor