Heritage Award


Peyton Anderson, 2009 Public Relations Committee Chair
proposed that the Board of Directors create the ABANA
Blacksmith Heritage Award. The Award was suggested by
committee member Linda Tanner. The motion to create this
award was presented by the Public Relations Committee


The purpose of the award is to honor the recipient for
“service to the community by increasing the public
knowledge and awareness of blacksmithing.” This award is
not given for service to ABANA itself, though that would
not be discouraged by any means. The award serves to
recognize those organizations and the key individual(s)
that lead them for their efforts to keep the Blacksmithís
Heritage in the eye of the public at large.
The award is given when the ABANA Board of Directors deems
it appropriate.
Generally, the Board follows the committee’s
recommendations and awards it once a year although the
Board could present the award more or less often.


The committee looks for organizations and the key
individual(s) that lead them that have served in the field
of promoting an increased public knowledge and awareness of
blacksmithing and made a significant impact and
contribution, viewed from a long range of time. There is a
quasi-historical perspective to see how the public
knowledge and awareness has progressed, grown, and
developed, due to the recipient. It is not awarded to the
most popular person in the field on a given year, nor even
something someone can try to “win.” The award is earned and
time is the key to showing who the candidates should be.

Since it was established 3 awards have been presented:

  • The 2010 ABANA Blacksmith Heritage Award recipient is
    Dollywood, the Dollywood Blacksmith and the Herschend
    Family of businesses.
  • In 2012 the Award was presented to the Anderson Blacksmith Shop at Colonial Williamsburg
  • In 2014 the Award was presented to The Metal Museum in Memphis Tennessee


The Blacksmith Heritage Award consists of a hand forged hammer and a certificate of appreciation embossed with the corporate seal and signed by the executive officers. The hand forged hammer shall bear the touch mark of ABANA and the words “Blacksmith Heritage Award” with the year date given. The sealed certificate shall have the following written text: “For Outstanding Service in the area of increasing the public knowledge and awareness of the Blacksmith’s Craft.