Humble Award

Also known as the Joe Humble Award

The ABANA Board of Directors initiated the Joe Humble Newsletter Editor of the Year Award in 1994 to give recognition to the workers who publish the Affiliate Newsletters. It was named in honor of the first Affiliate Newsletter editor who published a monthly edition for over 14 years.

Joe Humble was on the ABANA Board, served as president and established the first affiliate. The editors do the voting so his/her peers select the winner. Many Editors exchange Newsletters with other Affiliates so they know what all the other editors are publishing.


The purpose of the Committee is to select and give recognition to the editors who publish the Affiliate Newsletters

The Board of Directors uses the services of the ABANA Joe Humble Award Committee to seek out qualified candidates to serve on this Committee. The responsibility for the approval of Joe Humble Award Committee members resides solely with the members of the Committee. The ABANA Board of Directors shall, to the extent possible, give 100% support of the efforts of this Committee, including an annual budget authorized each year, up to $100 for the purchase of the plaque and engraved nameplate. An invoice for the Committee expenses shall be submitted to the ABANA Central Office and the ABANA Treasurer for reimbursement.

Committee Member Criteria

The Committee shall be comprised of past or Affiliate Newsletter Editors who are ABANA members in good standing. These should be the best-qualified individuals as set forth by standards developed by the Committee members. These individuals shall be representative of a large cross section Affiliate Newsletter Editors

The Committee

The Committee is composed of not more than 8 people who have met the selection criteria and are appointed for six-year terms. The committee will appoint its own successors to make a rotating replacement of two members every two years. The Committee may appoint a Chairperson, if so desired, to act as primary point of contact for the Committee.

The ABANA Joe Humble Award Committee member may not be an ABANA Board member. This committee’s responsibility is to present the ABANA Board of Directors with an annual report due 30 days prior to the Board of Directors Annual Meeting, identifying the committee choice for that year’s award recipient.

Program Description

The responsibility for the approval of Joe Humble Award program resides solely with the members of the Committee.

The ABANA Awards Committee Chair will act as liaison to the committee. A request for nominations will be sent out by Constant Contact to all past and present editors and will include the requirements and conditions for nomination. The Central Office will receive the ballots by mail or email, count the ballots. They will notify the Awards Committee Chair, who will then give the nominations to the Joe Humble Award Committee to be voted on.

Editors, associate editor or President can submit the nomination of any current or former Affiliate Newsletter editor. The winner must be an ABANA member (or spouse) in good standing. Anyone who has won the award will not be eligible to win for the next 5 years. The winner must make the handmade metal quill, if the winner is not skilled in the making of a forged metal quill, they may elect another individual to forge the quill for the next award. The plaque and nameplate shall be purchased from the Awards Committee annual budget.

The Joe Humble award committee will vote on the nominations to decide on the final recipient. In event the committee casts a tie vote the ABANA Awards Committee Chair shall be asked to cast the deciding vote.

Joe Humble Evaluation Form

This year’s committee members are:

Dave Smucker

Steve and Carol Spoerre

Jenny Plummer-Welker

Amy Mook

All nominations need to be accompanied by a single newsletter edition that you believe reflects the Editors best work.


Joe Humble Award Winners

1994 – Clay Spencer – Alabama

1995 – Jim McCarthy – Missouri

1995 – Donnie Fullwood – Georgia

1996 – Gene and Peg Chapman – Washington

1997 – Kim Harris – North Carolina

1998 – Bob Thompson – California

2000 – Marcia McEacheron – Minnesota

2002 – Jerry Kagele – Washington

2002 – Julie Pickett – Colorado

2004 – Dave Smucker – North Carolina

2006 – Bill Clemens – Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland – Hammer and Tong

2012 – Chris Holt – Pittsburgh Area Artist Blacksmith Association – Newsletter

2014 – Steven and Carol Spoerre – Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association – The Upsetter

2016 – Jenny Plummer-Welker Mid-Atlantic Smiths Association – Hammer Notes

2017 – Amy Mook – Northwest Blacksmith Association – Hot Iron News