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ABANA Headquarters
PO Box 462
Johnstown, PA 15907
Phone: (814) 254-4817
Email: IT Department


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The ABANA web site is now set up to accept donations to any of 5 funds. Donations, no matter how small, are gratefully accepted and every dollar counts. These can be processed along with a membership transaction and now at any time from any member. The donation categories are:

ABANA General Fund: This is the all-purpose operating account of ABANA. In addition to the IT Department, Home Office and the Publications, this fund takes care of enhancing the web site, creating the Bealer award, paying for postage and all the little things it takes to keep the organization functioning.

Conference Seed Money: This fund is currently earmarked to help set up the next ABANA Conference. Conferences are expensive complicated things to run and it really helps a lot to have some cash on hand early for deposits and planning and a thousand other things.

ABANA Scholarships and Grants: For many years ABANA has given scholarships to promising blacksmiths to help them take courses or gain key experiences. Also ABANA helps Affiliates to fund demonstrators at their meetings. This fund contributes to these and related causes.

ABANA Exhibition Fund: One of ABANA’s missions is to increase the awareness of the craft of blacksmithing among the general public. This fund helps to produce and deploy public exhibitions.


A Note on Taxes:

Donations to ABANA are tax deductible as ABANA is registered with the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Normal dues would generally not be deductible although they might count as a business expense. Contributory memberships ($150 and up per year) can be deductible over the $55 normal dues amount. If you need a letter to document your donation, contact the Executive Director.