Why ABANA? A Social Media Contest

Enter to receive a free 4 x 5 ABANA Sticker and a chance to win Julius Schramm’s book: “The Artist-Blacksmith’s Craft” and a a 1 ounce silver coin featuring an image of Francis Whittaker (the father of contemporary smithing)

8 responses to “Why ABANA? A Social Media Contest”

  1. Donald says:

    Nice new website

  2. David Miller says:

    Great organization!

  3. Victor Plitt says:

    A.B.A.N.A. is a wonderful organization that provides useful resources and information by the promotion of the disiplines of metal craft and blacksmithing.

  4. Gil Bullock says:

    ABANA is a great organization to help restore and preserve the dying craft of blacksmithing.

  5. Ralph Lapidus says:

    Since joining ABANA I have been encouraged to continue learning the art of Blacksmithing . The Hammer’s Blow and Anvil’s Fire are wonderful resources that make me want to improve myself. The learning experiences that ABANA conferences offer are priceless. I know I can count on ABANA for support ! Thank You

  6. Dan Brockman says:

    Being relatively new to blacksmithing, ABANA has been an incredible source of inspiration and information. ABANA helps me to see the possibilities of metal work are endless, and continually motivates me in the quality of my work and professionalism of my business. After attending Salt Lake City, we’re looking forward to Richmond.

  7. Eric Scott says:

    Great organization with the best people committed to a great purpose!

  8. Jerry Smith says:

    ABANA is a place where you know you will find reliable information and connect with trustworthy resources.

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