Writer's Guidelines

Every contribution sent to us will be read and considered for publication, as we sincerely believe that the responsibility of a good editor is to listen to many voices and to encourage writers to grow. For stories/articles that are chosen for publication, we reserve the right to edit in the interests of available space and clarity. Articles MUST BE original, and preferably not published previously in another associ-ated publication. We appreciate the efforts of our contributors, so as a Thank You, each contributor will receive five copies of the issue in which their story/article is presented. Please email the Editor if you have any questions about your story/article for print possibility.



• should be about 1200 words maximum;
• typed in a word-processing software such as Word or Mac Text Edit and saved as a .doc or .rtf format. The story/article may be emailed as an attachment or saved to a CD and mailed;
• may also be submitted as the body of an email.

All story/articles must include the name, address, email, and phone number of the author. In the case of technical and/or historical material, please supply the reference sources for the bibliography.


• High Resolution JPEGs are required. The larger the image, the better it will turn out in print. Set your camera’s resolution to the largest photo at the highest pixel setting. DO NOT do any resiz-ing, cropping, or any other imaging work such as color, lighting, or contrast adjustments—the AR Editor will do that as required.
• When including photos or graphics with your story/article, DO NOT INSERT them into the .doc or .rtf. The images cannot be extracted from the text that way. They must be submitted as images separate from the text document.
• Each photo must be captioned with: title/description of subject or piece; dimensions; materials; method, e.g., forged, fabricated; finish; and photographer.
• Photos may also be numbered, with their captions referenced by corresponding number to a separate written sheet.
• If submitting printed photos, do not write on the back of them!

Return of Original Materials:

If you wish to have your CDs, flash drives, or original photos and/or drawings to be returned, include a self-stamped/self-addressed envelope in your package. Return will be approximately 30–45 days after publication of the issue in which they are published. Please be aware that your story/article may not be published immediately.

Publishing Policy:

The Artist-Blacksmiths Association of North America (ABANA) reserves the right to place articles on the ABANA web site, www.abana.org, with the copyright referencing the author.
Be aware that ABANA Affiliate newsletter editors are authorized to reprint anything published in the Anvil’s Ring in their Affiliate newsletter, with appropriate credit given to the originating author and the Anvil’s Ring.
Outside of ABANA and its affiliates, the contents of this publication may not be reproduced either whole or in part without the permission of the editor or the individual contributors. Contributors retain all copyright privileges; the material is copyrighted solely for the author’s protection.

Story/Article/Photo Deadlines:

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