List of Committees

Executive Committee

Consists of the 5 officers (President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer)

President: Leigh Morrell
1st VP: Frank Annighofer
2nd VP: Scott Kretschmer
Secretary: Jack Brubaker
Treasurer: Tom Owens


Awards Committee

Committee Chair: Scott Kretschmer

Members: Stuart Shirley

Purpose: To provide oversight of the Alex Bealer, Joe Humble, and Heritage awards along with any other awards that are established by the board of directors.

Duties: To maintain the inventory of tangible items donated to ABANA and provide guidance as to how they should be utilized and provide an itemized inventory and report to the board at the fall annual board meeting. In charge of the procurement of trophies, plaques and any other tangible awards that are given which currently are as follows:

1) Froe for the Bealer Award
2) Hand forged feather for the Joe Humble Award
3) Hammer for the Heritage Award
4) Plaque for outgoing Presidents
5) Francis Whittaker silver coins for outgoing Board members

Humble Award Committee Members: Dave Smucker, Steve and Carol Spoerre, and Amy Mook

Heritage Award Committee Members: Clay Spencer, Gerald Franklin


Affiliate Committee

Committee Chair: Scott Kretschmer

Members: Pete Englebert, Mark Sperry

Off Board Member: Valerie Mullane

The committee will focus on developing and strengthening the relationship between ABANA and its affiliates. All affiliate applications will be processed and presented to the board through the committee for approval. The committee will publish a routine letter to all affiliates about ABANA and what it is doing for them. This letter will be sent out to the leadership of each affiliate encouraging them to publish this in their newsletters or websites. It is encouraged to also have an Affiliate Advisory Group of affiliate representatives to openly discuss and make suggestions on improvements in our working relationship with the affiliates.


Bylaws & Procedures Committee

Committee Chair: Bud Harvey

Members: Victor Plitt, Scott Kretschmer

Off Board Member: Andy Quittner

By-Laws and Procedures: The Committee is responsible for the diligent observation of the organization’s By-Laws and procedures by reviewing, investigating, and presenting possible amendments for board approval that will further the efficient operation of the organization.


Communication & Technology Committee

Committee Chair: Frank Annighofer

Members: Josh Reynolds, Eve Oswald, Victor Plitt

The committee will be responsible for maintaining the website, social media, marketing and branding.


Conference Committee

Committee Chair: Bud Harvey

Members: Frank Annighofer, John McLellen, Victor Plitt, Eve Oswald, Tom Owens, Mark Sperry

Conference Committee:

The Conference Committee is responsible for setting locations and dates for upcoming events in coordination with local members for support of the event.  The committee will help organize demonstrations, education, and competitions, along with promotion.  The committee will also keep the Conference Policies and Procedures Manual up to date.


Education Committee

Committee Chair: Stuart Shirley

Members:  Frank Annighofer, Mark Sperry, John McLellan, Bud Harvey; Off-Board Member: Mark Aspery

Education: The ABANA Education Committee is pleased to offer a self-paced forging and fundamentals program, as additional study and compliment to the National Curriculum. The committee is responsible for the development, and management of the ABANA National Curriculum. Current focus of the committee is adoption of the National Curriculum by the ABANA affiliates. The committee is also responsible for maintaining a strong relationship with the educational institutions and professional smiths. Ideas and opportunities to better facilitate their involvement with ABANA is encouraged to be developed in committee for approval by the board.


Elections Committee

Committee Chair: Jack Brubaker

Members: Eve Oswald, Frank Annighofer

Election and Nomination: The committee will be responsible for soliciting and recruiting candidates for the annual election and any appointments that need to be made. The committee will work within the guidelines laid out in the By-Laws. Elections committee will be responsible for developing the slate of officers for consideration at the annual meeting.


Exhibition Committee

Committee Chair: Vacant


The Exhibition Committee is committed to exposing the public to the art of blacksmithing via touring art exhibitions. The committee aims to develop relationships with venues and organizations, ensuring a viable network in which to showcase the art exhibitions sponsored by ABANA.


Finance Committee

Committee Chair: Bud Harvey

Members: Tom Owens, Linda Tanner

The committee is responsible for the annual budget. The committee is expected to use the monthly and quarterly data from the CPA to track the financials of the organization in comparison with the budget. The committee is expected to work with the Treasurer on all financial matters in some capacity. The committee is responsible for collecting the wish lists from each committee in the development of the annual budget.


Grants & Scholarships Committee

Committee Chair: Scott Kretschmer

Members: Stuart Shirley, Jack Brubaker

Grants and Scholarships: The Committee is responsible for the dispersing of grants and scholarships to the most eligible applicants. The committee is also responsible for following up with the recipients to ensure they have fulfilled the required content within the agreement.


History & Archives Committee

Committee Chair: John McLellan

Members: Mark Sperry, Jack Brubaker

Off Board Members: Peter Renzetti, John Dittmeier

The History and Archives Committee is responsible for documenting the history of ABANA by recording and summarizing the past and current actions of ABANA Board of Directors and its committees, plus ABANA conferences and programs. The Committee also maintains a digital archive of documents and photographs in a web site and supports a document archive and library in ABANA Home Office of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.


International Connections Committee

Committee Chair: Jack Brubaker

Members: Victor Plitt, John McLellan


  1. To initiate, plan, and facilitate international blacksmithing tours.
  2. To facilitate Visas for inbound blacksmiths and demonstrators.
  3. To generate and maintain communication links with international blacksmith organizations.


Membership Services Committee

Committee Chair: Linda Tanner

Members: Bud Harvey and Stuart Shirley

The committee will be responsible for the general membership questions and coming up with enhancements to the membership benefits. Monitor membership numbers, renewals rates, prepare renewal notices, membership drives reviewing and sending out the Constant Contact notifications.


Publications Committee

Committee Chair: Frank Annighofer

Members: Jack Brubaker, Victor Plitt

Off Board Members: Allen Shaw, Bruce Jarrell, Valerie Mullane, Fritz Mayer

Publications: The committee will be responsible for the direction and content of the two publications, The Anvil’s Ring and The Hammer’s Blow. The hiring of contractors and review and approval of the editions for publication with an observation of deadlines per contract.


Sales Committee

Committee Co-Chair: Victor Plitt, Linda Tanner

Off Board Members: Fritz Mayer

The committee is responsible for overseeing the inventory of sales items available and must stay in routine contact with Headquarters on inventory. The committee is also responsible for searching out bids for current and new merchandise.


Strategic Planning Committee

Committee Chair: Tom Owens

Members: Scott Kretschmer, Frank Annighofer, Jack Brubaker, Eve Oswald, Bud Harvey

Strategic Planning: The Committee is responsible for the long-term strategic planning of the organization. Identifying regional venues for ABANA-sponsored events.