National Curriculum Level I

The first level of the curriculum is designed as an introduction to blacksmithing and culminates in the gate latch project. Completing the gate latch is a prerequisite for moving on to Level II. ABANA will accept the recommendation from an Affiliate’s Education Program Chair or the judgment of a Certified Level I Instructor that qualifies a student as having passed Level I.

A student has to complete the projects and show knowledge as outlined in the Level I packet. The checklist will allow students and instructors to keep track of progress along the way. Level I will take the novice 6 months or more to achieve.

To be certified as an instructor for Level I, you must complete Level I and the projects of Level II except the final grille project. All ABANA Curriculum Instructors have to demonstrate proficiency in demonstrating at the respective level and sign both the ABANA Safety Policy and the ABANA Non-Discrimination Policy.

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