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ABANA Affiliate Organizations are welcome to utilize any of the resources below for the purposes of advertising and education.
If you need additional resources not included here, please email your request to the Affiliates Committee

The following video introduces the National Curriculum and gives a basic overview. The video may be useful in showing to your leadership when making plans to utilize the National Curriculum as part of your education program. Or it may be useful in showing to your membership at a meeting, conference, or event. This is just one of many tools that ABANA has put together to assist in facilitating a robust education initiative.

If you have any questions regarding the ABANA National Curriculum, email the Education Committee.

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2024 ABANA Conference Info

Reach out to our Director of Marketing with questions, comments, or requests for additional marketing materials.

We’ve gathered a collection of write-ups and advertisements (1/4 page, 1/2 page, and full page) to be used on your affiliate’s website, newsletters, or emails.

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Note: You may notice some differences in the dates due to the specific activity or the conference schedule. 

Opening Ceremonies will occur June 5th at 4 pm. Teams competing in the forging competition will also have a chance to gather and cut their stock in preparation for the competition.

The Team Forging Competition will take place in 4-hour shifts (morning and afternoon) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (June 6-8 only).

Demonstrations, vending, and tailgating will take place Thursday, June 6th through Saturday, June 8th.

The tour of the Center for Metal Arts will take place at 9 am on Sunday, June 9th.

Overall, the event technically runs from 5 pm on June 5th to noon on June 9th, but the bulk of the activities will occur the 6th-8th (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

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