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Take advantage of our digital advertising options which put you in front of our online audience via social media, website, or monthly e-newsletters. Acceptable ad sizes are 1200 x 630, 1080 x 566, 1080 x 1080, 1080 x 1350, 1080 x 1920 or 1200 x 630.


Connect using ABANA’s social media: Reach in Q1 of 2024 averaged 86,000+ per month.

Highlighted Post on Facebook & Instagram ($40 per post): Single post exclusively highlighting your business, organization, or event. You provide graphics and copy, or we can create.


Reach out to our nearly 11,000 subscribers. Only one (1) of each ad type is available per month.

Basic Ad in Monthly e-Newsletter ($80): Enjoy placement in our highly targeted e-newsletter at a price with a low cost-per-open rate.

Featured Ad or Banner Ad in Monthly e-Newsletter ($150): Prime ad placement “above the fold,” no scrolling required.


Website ad placement is limited to one (1) ad per page on our Top 10 most visited pages (home page excluded).

Website Ad ($100):

  • 4-week ad placement of one (1) ad on a highly visited page. (Random ad rotation through pages ranked #4-10, based on weekly rankings.)

Highlighted Website Ad ($175): 2 Ads randomly rotated through specified page rankings.

  • 4-week placement of one (1) ad on a Top 5 most visited page, and
  • 4-week placement of one (1) additional ad on a Top 10 most visited page.

Featured Website Banner Ad ($500): One (1) banner ad placed on the ABANA homepage for four (4) weeks. Ad specs 728 X 90.


Benefit from sponsorship mention plus logo placement at the beginning and end of the video. Mention and website link included in the description box.

Sponsor an individual video in a series or class ($200): Up to two (2) sponsors are allowed per video.

Exclusive Sponsorship of an Individual Video ($400): Only one (1) sponsor per video.

Exclusive Sponsorship of a National Curriculum Course ($1,000): Typically five (5) class sessions are recorded, but often edited into more than five videos to be uploaded to YouTube. Sponsorship mention, logo, and link in the description box will be included in all videos appearing on YouTube.

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Looking to Place a Classified Ad?

Description up to 250 words plus three (3) images will be placed on our Classified Ads page along with a social media post for your item.

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