2024 International Team Forging Competition

at the ABANA 50th Anniversary Celebration & Conference

Image of a team of strikers forging.


Thanks to a generous donor, the next 10 teams can sign up to compete for FREE!

Basic Rules for the Team Forging Competition:
  • A team will consist of 1, 2, 3, or 4 individuals to complete a forged sculpture, wall piece, etc.
  • Each team will have a 4-hour time slot during the event to forge a design related to the Competition Theme “ABANA – 50 Years of Forging Connections”
  • Materials will be provided by ABANA (see the official Competition Rules for details).
  • The competition will be in Johnstown’s Central Park and open for public viewing.
  • Finished projects will be judged and prizes will be awarded: $1,000 for 1st Place, $600 for 2nd Place, and $400 for 3rd Place.
  • The entry fee per team is $100.
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Bragging rights aren’t all you get!

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