Call for Entries: 10″ Ring Project

2024 Ring Project Details

Call for Entries: ABANA will be putting together a public art project which will be on display in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Blacksmiths from around the world are invited to submit their entries for possible inclusion in the public art project.

Design: Forge a design inside a continuous steel ring of uniform size that gives consideration to the following concepts:

  • Faith
  • Culture/Heritage
  • Steel/Steelmaking
  • Water/The Floods
  • Fire (steel making)
  • Mountains/Valleys/Hills
  • The Inclined Plane (an iconic attraction in Johnstown)

These concepts were selected by the Visit Johnstown organization to represent the Johnstown area with its rich history and cultural legacy. (The rings shown here are from other projects and are for illustrative purposes only.)

Ring forged by IVBA for BAM Ring sculpture, 2008.
Rings on display at the 2010 ABANA Conference. Photo by Doug Wilson.
Ring by Chris Crevelt

Dimensions: Your steel ring must be constructed from 1-inch wide flat stock that is 1/4-inch thick and bent the “hard way”. Outside ring diameter should measure 10 inches. Ring uniformity is key in a collaborative piece of this nature, but the design inside the ring is your interpretation of the themes.  Click here to see areas to keep clear for mounting.

Jury: The rings to be included in the project will be selected by a jury. Rings which are not selected by the jury will be placed in the conference auction to raise funds to further ABANA’s activities such as educational programs, conference programming, providing grants for affiliates and individuals, and more.

How to Enter: Rings may be shipped to ABANA Headquarters (PO Box 462, Johnstown, PA 15907) prior to the event. Rings may also be hand-delivered upon check-in for those who will be attending the 50th Anniversary Celebration & Conference.

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View the areas to keep clear for mounting purposes.
Ring by Scott Kretschmer