2024 International Team Forging Competition

at the ABANA 50th Anniversary Celebration & Conference

Image of a team of strikers forging.
Basic Rules for the Team Forging Competition (Rules were simplified in late February 2024, so be sure to read them):
  • A team will consist of up to 4 individuals to complete a forged sculpture, wall piece, etc.
  • Each team will have a 4-hour time slot during the event to forge a design related to the Competition Theme “ABANA – 50 Years of Forging Connections”
  • Materials will be provided by ABANA (see the official Competition Rules for details).
  • The competition will be in Johnstown’s Central Park and open for public viewing.
  • Finished projects will be judged and prizes will be awarded: $1,000 for 1st Place, $600 for 2nd Place, and $400 for 3rd Place.
  • The entry fee per team is $100.

Note: ABANA is working to obtain sponsorships from businesses for each competing team. The $200 business sponsorship (in addition to the $100 team registration) will help to offset the costs of the competition. If you have an affiliate, school, or business interested in sponsoring your team, let us know! We’ll contact them about the details.

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